Friday, May 22, 2015

New York City Opera Reunion- First post

This was a crowded space, so I got images when I wasn't being totally crushed. First- Sara Keene and Doris Jung Popper.
Arlene Adler, Christine Brandt, Roger Olsen, Richard Brand
Spiro Malas with Arlene Adler
                                              Harriet Greene with Candace Itow
Judith Fredricks, Susan Harris, Betty Bierly
Robert Brubaker
Tom Paul with Marlena Malas
Louis Perry
Albert Sherman, Helena Binder, Michael Scarola
Carol Gutnecht with Janet and Dominic Cossa
Faith Esham with Cori Ellison
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grigolo
If I messed up spelling or mis-identified a person just let me know and errors will be corrected.
To be continued.

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