Friday, May 22, 2015

New York City Opera Reunion- Post 4

Marisa Galvany and Michael Davis
Janet and Dominic Cossa with  Maggie Goodman
Lila Herbert with Bill Dyszel
Carol Gutnecht, Tom Booth, Neil Eddinger
Rhoda Levine with Joshua Hecht, picture time
Stephen Holowid and Janet Wallstein
Sarah Keene, Elli Frye, Doris Jung Popper
Sharon Daniels, Cadace Itow
Marisa Galvany, Jon Berberian, Cossas in foreground
Gary Wedow,, Jay Lessinger in background
Lila Herbert with Neil Eddinger, speech time
Richard Beeson, Joe Gasperec, Jane Shaulis
More speech time
Deborah Williams, Leslie McBride, Pamela Thomas
                                                       Paula Liscio, April Lindevald
Thank God for name tags.
More to follow.

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