Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elena Obraztsova RIP

I didn't mean for this site to turn into an obituary site, but that seems to be how it is developing. Not everyone would agree on vocal quality or preferences, but Elena Obraztsova was fun when she was on stage. Hot stuff.  First as Amneris, AIDA, 1976   with Carlo Bergonzi as Radames.
Ulrica in BALLO IN MASCHERA  1990
Carmen in 1978
The GAMBLER, 2001, Grammy
Adalgisa in NORMA 1979 with Shirley Verrett in title role
Delilah in SAMSON with Guy Chauvet as Samson 1977
WAR AND PEACE, 2002, Madame Akhrosimova  and then with Anna Netrebko as Natasha Rostova
Charlotte in WERTHER, 1978
and with Werther, Placido Domingo
This is meant as a tribute. Not all images are razor sharp. Not meant to be. It was fun and that whats counts in opera. Memorable good stuff.