Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Claramae Turner 1920- 2013

  Claramae was an important American contralto. I was lucky to catch her with the camera during 1967-1969 at New York City Opera.  No matter what she did she was that character, strong on stage.  We were friends. "Come over for lunch", she said. That  was  1967. We kept in touch until the last year.  Claramae loved gardening. She loved her dogs...  a great dane and Schatzie, the dachshund. These are a sampling of what Claramae did at the New York City Opera.   First BOMARZO as Diana Orsini with Salvador Novoa as Pier Francesco Orsini
Claramae as Lady Jane in PATIENCE.  Her cello routine always brought down the house.
Claramae as La Principessa in SUOR ANGELICA.
Rehearsing with Audrey Schuh
With Malcolm Smith, Tinca
A group of GIANNI SCHICHI images, alone as Zita
Big caption: From left to right, Michael Devlin as Spinellochio, William Ledbetter as Marco, Lois Crane as Nella, Malcolm Smith as Simone, Claramae, Jerry LoMonaco as Rinuccio, Judith Anthony as LaCiesca, and Nico Castel as Gherardo. 1968.
This time in rehearsal,  in 1967, from left to right,  David Rae Smith as Betto, William Ledbetter as Marco, Malcolm Smith as Simone, Frank Poretta as Rinuccio, Nico Castel as Gherardo, and the ladies- Lou Ann Wyckoff as La Ciesca, Claramae as Zita again, and LaVergne Monette as Nella
The ZARZUELLA in 1969 at City Center.  I don't remember the characters' names.  First with Nico Castel and then happy alone.
It's nice to have good memories.Claramae was a gem. Posted with love.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rise Stevens

On January 8, 2006 Rise Stevens was honored by the Metropolitan Opera Guild at the Rose Theater down at the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle.  It was a love fest.  There should be an umlaut over the "e" in Rise's name. I can't figure how to do that on this blog site.  The images are now, obviously, totally emotional.  First Rise with Anna Moffo.
Rise with Van Cliburn.  The background could not be changed, because it was hard for her to move around.
Onstage at tribute with son, Nicolas Surovy, and Van Cliburn.
This was a beautiful evening, a sold out house, a wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady.