Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jean Kraft, A Tribute Afternoon

Jean Kraft was honored this afternoon with a musical tribute for her many years as a glorious performer.
Jean was in the audience as the program was led by Louis M. Barrella.  He had a number of video segments from the Met Archives.
Suor Angelica
The 1983 Centennial Gala with Mirella Devia
After the presentation with Mr. Barrella
With Batyah Godfrey Ben-David
Fabrizio Milano, Claudia Catania, Brian Kellow, Jean, Batyah and Mr. Barrella
Claudia taking a group picture with her cell phone.
A quiet moment, Fabrizio and Jean.
A tribute such as this can be intensely emotional, gorgeous musical memories the likes of which we don't hear anymore.  Musical friendships, true human friendships, huge thankfulness.  None of the video segments were high-tech but the impact was gut wrenching.  We were all shattered.  This was a difficult chore for the camera. Some moments were too personal to make public.  This event was all about love for a very dear person.