Friday, May 22, 2015

New York City Opera Reunion- Post 2

Christian Smith, Helen Guillet (Christian's wife), Barbara Gustern
Stephen Holowid with Janet Wallstein, Catherine Mafitano, Ashley Putnam, Joan Patenaude Yarnell
Rhoda Levine, John Cheek talking to Raul Melo
Pat Wise, Sara Keene, Rhoda Levine
Janet and Dominic Cossa with Marissa Galvany
Howard Hensel, Joan Baekland, John DeMain
Diane Kehrig with Arlene Adler
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Lehr
Candace Itow and Raven Wilkinsen
Anthony Piccolo (conductor, Children's Chorus, Met Opera), Gary Wedow, Jay Lessinger
Kyle can't read last name, Marcus Del and Loquita Mitchell
Michael Sullivan, Cynthia Rose, Sharon Daniels
Michael Davis (Regina Resnik's son), Barbara Wilson Lloyd and Rebecca Paller
Pamela Thomas, April Lindewald, Daniel Sullivan
                                                               Rosalind Naddal
More to come.....

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