Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Richard Nass RIP

Richard Nass was the Metropolitan Opera English Horn player. He did the onstage solo at the start of TRISTAN, Act III. He passed away this month. I believe he was about 94 years old. I'll never forget hearing him play. Gorgeous. And I'll never forget his friendship during my formative years. His father would come to rehearsals. His young daughter Jenny would also come to rehearsals. With Richard it was music FIRST.  The images are from 1971.  The figure in the shadow of the stage shot is Tom Stewart as Kurvenal.

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Indykat said...

Richard, my Opa (grandfather) was 95. Thank you for this tribute, it helps our family to hear so many fellow musicians pay him tribute. I am his oldest grandchild, daughter of his eldest daughter, Lesly. To me he was a personal hero. I sometimes forget the impact he had on others as well. Thank you for this post. It means quite a bit to me.