Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two more old images from Anthea

Also from Anthea's slide box.... Beverly with Ted Marcinkowsky make-up)
Norman Treigle with ????, maybe a member of the orchestra???? drinking, smoking, playing cards, 1967

From slides from Anthea de Forest

Anthea deForest handed me a small box of slides at lunch today. "Can you do something with these, maybe get them on Facebook?"   These are not masterpieces, but they are grand memories, so in honor of coming Memorial Day here come a few memories from Anthea.  First David Hicks and Beverly, Nov. 1968, flight to L.A.
Beverly with Nico Castel and Leo Postrel, Nov. 1968
Same Nov. 1968 flight, Edgar Joseph, Charles Wilson and Lila Herbert
That flight, Gigi Capobianco and Dominic Cossa
Muriel Greenspon flying the plane
Dan Rule
Obviously some Olympia fun, Beverly and Charles Elsen
Charles Wilson