Saturday, April 28, 2012

New York City Opera Reunion - Group 3

Third group of images, New York City Opera Reunion,  April 27, 2012
I can't begin to describe the depth of emotions, past meets present, an overlay of joyous music, integrity, real life.   It was time to watch interactions of this day.

I had feelings as a young photographer, mostly awe. Everyone worked hard. There was always more talent than work opportunity. People got hurt. People were lucky. It was a total emotional assault. Yesterday it all came back, the joy, the sorrow, what was, what is.  And the many expressions of thanks stunned me. "I have your pictures all over my walls".   But no photographer can create without a good subject. Still, at this date those memories mean so much. I'm immeasureably thankful. And stunned.

Nadja Witkowska... Violetta and Constanza from the late 60s.   I don't know what the conversation was about, but it was wonderfully animated.

Doris Jung Popper in conversation with Eileen Schauler

Joshua Hecht

Cori Ellison

William Ledbetter

Rosalind Nadell

Honor time.  Harriet Greene being honored as one of the earliest choristers.  Helped by Michael Davis

Cynthia Edwards

Lila leading speeches

Julius address everyone assisted by Susan Woelzl. Ann Pretzat in rear.

Jane Schaulis

Chris Nance

Janen Schaulis with husband, Joseph Gasperec

Michael Davis giving greetings from his mother, Regina Resnik. His phone went off.

Carol Gutknecht

Tito Capobianco addresses group. Very emotional. He made it clear what has been lost in our opera heritage.

Jane Schaulis and Pat Craig

Jeannine Crader

Bridget Hendrix and Bill Dyzel

Lila introduces the daughter of Laszlo Halasz

Louis Perry with Candy Itow

Elaine Malbin

There were many others at the Reunion.  I couldn't photograph everyone because I wanted to socialize. It will take a few days to settle down and absorb all this.  We had something so unique,so powerful and now it no longer exists. Can the past ever be restored? Does the audience even know what opera is anymore?    Does anyone understand artistic integrity?  Yesterday was bitter sweet. and wonderful.  My profound thanks to everyone.

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Fiorabella588 said...

Beth, thanks you for these priceless mementoes of an unforgettable afternoon and our golden City Opera family. And not just any photos----a Beth Bergman photo is like an aria sung by Beverly Sills. Also, your comments are almost as moving and eloquent as your photos.