Saturday, April 28, 2012

New York City Opera Reunion- 1

Yesterday, April 27th 2012 the NYC Opera reunion was held across town at a small hotel, East 52nd Street. It wasn't the largest gathering, but it was huge in love and happiness.  I will try to post all images during the course of today.  Images and captions... but since this is my blog site there will be some commentary.
Marisa Galvany and Lila Herbert McGill, the reunion organizer.

Delores Mari

Patricia Wise with John Darrenkamp

Michael Davis representing his mother, Regina Resnik

Lila Herbert with Martha Marshall and Livio Caroli.  I loved this, because I know Martha from birding and had no idea she was in the NYC Opera Orchestra

Anthea DeForest, Ann Pretzat, behind- Ruth Hider with Catherine Christiensen

Margaret Goodman, Ruth Hider,  Catherine Christiensen

Richard and Ellie Beeson with April Lindevald

Carol Bergey Skarimbas helping Harriet Green get settled, Margaret Goodman and Neil Eddinger.

Anthea DeForest with Patricia Craig

Tom Jamerson, Carol Gutknecht talking with Pat Wise

Stick on those name tags. If I could read them I could ID people.

Olivia Stapp with Marissa Galvany

Robert Paul

Eileen Schauler

To be continued......

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