Saturday, April 28, 2012

New York City Opera Reunion - 2

Second group of images from New York City Opera reunion,  April 27, 2012

Carol Bayard

Arrival of Julius Rudel. Alan McGill, Maestro Rudel, Ann Pretzat, Joan Baekland
This was a crowded place with everyone wanting to circulate. It was easier to park people for safety sake.

Susan Woelzl (emotional), Alan McGill, Julius, Rosalind Nadell (from the 4os!)

Julius with Pat Wise

Julius with Catherine Christiensen. Josh Hecht behind

Harriet Greene with Michael Davis

Patricia Wise, Carol Gutknecht, David Clatworthy, Maryann Clatworthy behind.  I remember her when she was in the childrens' chorus.

Julius and Marissa Galvany

The Clatworthy Family-  Diane Richardson, Maryann again, David

Susan Woelzl, Julius, Ruth Hider.  This became the visiting table.

Rhoda Levine

The arrival of Tito Capobianco

Diane Kehrig, Tito

Julius and Harriet Greene

Faith Esham with Cori Ellison

Carol Bayard with Tom Booth

Carol Bergey Skarimbas and Kay Schoenfeld

Eileen Schauler and Carol Bergey Skarimbas

To be continued....

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