Friday, March 11, 2016


There is an online site for CutandStyles in which the New York City Opera reunion images have been taken from my blog and used in an unauthorized and illegal manner.  The attendees are shown, their hair styles described, their names listed.

One: These images are registered copyright. They are not in the public domain.
Two: No company or individual can use a person's likeness  without written permission from the subject.
Three: For the subjects shown by CutandStyles this has been done without  permission. I would not have granted permission.

There is no contact information on this CutandStyles site.  If you read this, CutandStyles, this use must be removed.

The digital tools are so easy for everyone that legal responsibility is often forgotten. Pictures are owned by the photographer.That's the law, Federal law!  Read the alert on right border of my blog site. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  They are not automatically in public domain. A photographer has to protect the subjects shown.  Being sued for copyright infringement, unauthorized use can be very costly for an infringer.  CutandStyles take note! REMOVE THOSE IMAGES.

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