Monday, November 10, 2014

Leonie Rysanek

There's a link on   to the Rysanek 25th Anniversary Concert, an audio of this event, brilliant, gorgeous. Into the files I went to find images that were already digitalized. Memory Lane time.  Totally emotional. Feelings, not furniture.  First- the Bing Gala with Vickers.
Fidelio, Vickers and Leonie, the old house.
Frau in 1978 with James King as the Kaiser
At home, August 1972
Parsifal, Act II with Vickers
Salome 1972
Elizabeth, Tannhauser, "Dich teure Halle"  new Met
Same thing, old Met
Marschallin, Rosenkavalier.

There are more images in the files, but not yet digitalized. Opera is about feelings, emotions. Here they are, total love and respect for the integrity and the glory of it all.

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