Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Precious memories

One of the segments during the Stratas Tribute program last week was a video clip from the 1978 "Bartered Bride", a duet between Marenka and Vasek, Stratas with Jon Vickers. I remember that presentation. A photographer is supposed to remain impartial, capture the truth, don't let feelings interrupt the work responsibility, but I can't do that and could never do that. Stratas and Vickers were giants. What they did radiated out into the house. It was impossible not to be consumed with feelings, not to fall totally in love, not to laugh or hurt according to what was happening, not to try to soak it all into the camera.

One thinks of Vickers as Peter Grimes, Siegmund, Parsifal, Florestan, Otello,- but he was also a wonderful comedian and as Vasek, a perfect bumbling, sweet, endearing town boy. Every word, every inflection had that Vickers quality. Perfection. It was delicious.
There will be more Vickers entries in the future. The hard part will be looking at the images and making the editorial selections. It will be done with enormous thankfulness.

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